October 15, 2011

Aggressive Inline: Mindgame: Accidental Machines

Intro:  Black Heart Procession - The Spell
Ben Schwab:  Cold War Kids - Quiet, Please!
Brian Aragon:  Dj Graham Fee - 1945
Ham Hock's Scene:  Brett Papa & Drew Masterpole - Frolde
Dustin Latimer:  P.W Long's Reelfoot - Aw Bruiser
Don Bambrick:  Sole - Dumb this Down
Crash Section:  The Bones of Davey Jones - Sweet Tooth Boogle
Aaron Feinberg:  Eight by Stereo Intellect - Ballad of Six & Eight
Billy O'Neil:  Doa Productions Feat. Bece - Meaning of a Rider
Chris Farmer:  The Vanishing - Assisting Suicides
The Future:  Askeleton - The Future

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